Don’t Disappear

I’m not sure why I stopped blogging.  I’ve always enjoyed writing and story telling.  Looking back on the Adventure section of “My Kicking and Screaming” brought a big smile to my face especially the pictures of Dave.  My boy moved back to his beloved Texas in July and empty nest syndrome has been tough.  But he’s doing well which makes me proud that Carey and I did a few things right raising him.

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I guess you could say that 2020 has been a different type of adventure.  I was part of a reduction in force in January.  I knew it was coming, but it’s still a pain to look for and start a new job.  Took my time in updating my resume and putting a game plan together.  Started hearing rumblings of some virus in China.  No big deal.

How To Be Wrong. Do you want to be right, or do you want… | by Ijeoma Oluo  | The Establishment | Medium

We all have our opinions on how the pandemic has been handled since March.  That’s not what I want to write about.  I want to write about how this event has affected me and millions of others mentally.  How the majority of us have “disappeared” in one form or another since March.  Granted, some of the population have chosen to continue to live their lives as if nothing changed, but due to the circumstances, even their lives have changed.

I’ve gotten used to being by myself during the day while Carey is at work or with the same few people.  I’ve had a few job interviews, but no offers.  By the way, in person interviewing with a mask on is weird.  You have no idea what the bottom half of a person’s face looks like.   Could be a real shocker on that first day of work when you take it off for an ID photo.  I miss cutting up with a work family.   I like to hug which is now frowned on.  

Remember the movie “Back to the Future” and the picture that Marty McFly is carrying around of his family?  Marty’s family starts to fade away in the picture as the movie goes on.  Kind of has a different feel today.


I read on Facebook that a friend from my hometown of Aurora, IL had passed away.  I checked the two main funeral homes for his information so that I could send a sympathy card to his family.  What I found was page after page of obituary notices.  The number of notices for people in the age range that should be living a full life was shocking.  Sadly, some of the their notices asked that you give a donation to suicide or drug abuse prevention.  Was it all getting to be too much?

I learned a lot about myself during this pandemic.  Some good, some not so good.  It’s given me a chance to reflect on what is important in life.  How I want to be treated.  Being quiet and meditation are good things.  Not to let the little stuff bother me.  If I want to stare at the moon or a bird for half an hour, I’m not crazy.  I hope to be employed again but if not, maybe I can come up with that elusive million dollar idea.  Everyday I realize and make sure to remind myself that Carey and I are very lucky.

But others aren’t faring so well.  Many are suffering in silence where desperate thoughts creep into their brain.  We are all hoping for an end to this pandemic soon, but I’m almost afraid to see how some of us come out on the other side.  Be kind friends.  Call, email or write someone.  Make it a point to make someone’s day a little brighter.  You may have saved a life.  

Check in.  Don’t disappear.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Disappear”

  1. Margaret;

    Hang in there. The vaccine is coming to a distributer near you.

    My question is what would Claude have said in our day, “have anyone need of me today?”

    The nurses at Plymouth Place said “he would ask that ever morning”

    Hang in there.

    Your Brother

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